About Us

Triple J Ranch is the Best Country Barn Wedding Venue with something for Everyone!

About the Owner

My name is Susan Furry, born and raised in Durango Colorado and a Farmington NM resident for over 20 years. My heart and soul and a whole lot of sweat and work have gone into the Triple J Ranch in Kirtland, New Mexico. Once private, where kids, cattle, horses, and buffalo roamed. My children could be found racing around on their dirt bikes (wish I could say horses, but it was usually dirt bikes).  I remember the first time I saw the Ranch, I counted 11 bald eagles along the San Juan River, my property’s largest border. I raised triplets on this ranch, I cannot think of a greater spot in the world for kids. They raised their chickens in an incubator, fed their pigs, and collected eggs before school every morning, and loved target practicing with just about anything they could find. On hot days I couldn’t get them out of the pond, aside from doing flips off the pilings, their favorite was tying a long rope to their mountain bikes and flying off the dock into the water. If you have not seen a New Mexico skyline, you have no idea what you have been missing,  the sunrises are stunning and the sunsets are a fiery blaze, literally, they will take your breath away. I was lying on the dock this summer and saw a falling star, in that instant I knew exactly what I was to do next….



See, my boys are seniors this year and will be leaving this nest to start their own adventure and I made the decision, in that falling star instant, to share this family haven with others. And that is how this came to be. Many memories have been made on this ranch, may the next one’s be yours!

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